We review, approve and promote photography competitions that respect the rights of photographers and operate under principles of fair use.
We have over 35,000 photographers looking to enter ‘green light approved’ photo contests.
Approved contests will be listed on our website, in our bimonthly eNews, and on our Facebook page.
Why are competitions so important for photographers?
Unlike in the art world, photographers by-and-large do not enjoy the benefits of such ‘validating’ aspects as provenance, gallery representation and the foundations of classification and art history. Photographers therefore must often rely on self-promotion, of which photo contests play a meaningful part.
Additionally, entering photography competitions helps photographers, who are frequently self-taught and generally work for themselves – to set the bar of their own standard of craft higher, keeping at bay the ever-present spectre of creative doldrums. Photo contests also provide photographers with a yardstick to measure up against peers, and gain valuable feedback and insight from experienced judges.
Unfortunately, the popularity of contests with photographers has led to some poorly run photography competitions, and a minority that blatantly prey on photographers, especially in regards to the exploitation of image copyright and usage. There are also some photo contest directories that are not all they seem.
Why is fairness in photo competitions so important?
  • photographers’ copyright and moral rights deserve to be respected when they participate in contests
  • photo contests who provide fair terms and good benefits for photographers deserve to be promoted
  • photo contest organisers by-and-large want to do the right thing by photographers, but sometimes need some respectful guidance
When photo contests are run in the spirit of fairness and respect, everybody wins and the photographic industry thrives.