Natural Landscape Photography Awards

Natural Landscape Photography Awards

The competition aims to represent landscape photographers who recognize the power that comes from truthful depiction of the natural world. Whilst other competitions may allow complete freedom in digital manipulation, this competition is for photographers who choose to work within the more traditional bounds of the medium, while still expressing themselves creatively. It addresses the idea that the unique quality photography has over other artistic mediums is its grounding in reality. The competition showcases the skill of these photographers in revealing the wonder of the natural landscape.
One of the most powerful aspects of a great landscape photograph is its ability to transport the viewer to relive a moment in time, distant location, or smaller scene, through the eyes of the photographer. This helps the viewer to engage with the subject matter, understand the relationships the photographer wanted to express, and allow photographs to support the case for conservation.
By constraining our photographs to represent the natural world in a truthful manner, we create trust in our artform’s unique position to pair real experiences with artistic creation. This does not preclude the use of editing tools such as Photoshop which, when used sensitively, can enhance the viewer’s experience without misleading them.
Closing date – September 1, 2021
Prize pool – Natural Landscape Photographer of the Year: First Place: Cash Prize of US $5,000. Second Place: Cash Prize of US $1,000. Natural Landscape Photograph of the Year: Cash Prize of US $1,000. Youth Photographer of the Year: Cash Prize of US $500. Grand Landscape Award: Cash Prize of US $500. Intimate & Abstract Award: Cash Prize of US $500. Nightscape Award: Cash Prize of US $500. Aerial Award: Cash Prize of US $500. Project of the Year: Cash Prize of US $1,000 will be awarded to the Project of the Year. Cash Prize of US $500 will be awarded to the Project of the Year Runner-up.
Entry fee – Entry fee – Entries up until June 8th, 2021 are at the following discounted rates (non-early bird rates are in parens): Main Competition $40 for 6 images, $60 for 12 images, $100 for 18 images. Project Category $30 entry for 6-10 images (independent from main competition). Entries are limited to a maximum of 18 images and 2 project submissions. Entering makes you eligible for the overall title ‘Photographer of the Year’. * A project entry allows a submission of 6-10 images together as a set. This is a standalone portion of the competition and does not qualify for Photographer of the Year or any individual categories. You may submit image(s) from a project to the main competition as separate entries which incurs the normal fee for those entries.
Eligibility – All images should comply with the following requirements: Digital submission only, including film images. AdobeRGB or sRGB colorspace. At least 4000px on their longest edge (you may submit larger files). JPEG files only, max file size 8MB (RAW files must be available should your image(s) progress to the final stages). No borders or watermarks are allowed. Images shot on film should be submitted digitally and if they progress to the final stages we will contact the photographer about verifying the originals. RAW files will be requested for images making it to the final judging phases of the competition. Entries are wholly the original work of the person entering and under their sole ownership. Entries have NOT won or been commended in another past major international competition. There is no time limit on when an image was captured (it does not have to be captured in the last year). As we are aligned with the Nature First Principles, the entry or entries have been captured in accordance with local laws and National Park rules. This includes permits, licences and permissions (including drone laws). Project Submission Requirements Projects should be submitted together as a collection of between 6 and 10 images. There is a separate section of the submission form for this process. Each individual image that forms part of the project should follow the individual image submission requirements above. Photos should be submitted with filename numbering in the order you wish them to appear (if this matters). You should also submit an accompanying description with your images. This description is entirely up to the photographer and can consist of just a few words or be up to 200 words long. It should be written for a non-photography literate viewer.
Selection process – Judged
Copyright policy – The photographer retains full copyright of each entry to the contest. Images will not be used by sponsors or any other organization without the express permission of the photographer.
Usage Rights policy – The photographer retains full usage rights of their entries except usage by Natural Landscape Photography Awards for the following purposes: To promote the contest in future years on its website or on various forms of social media, email marketing or printed marketing materials and displays. To showcase winning and high scoring photographs relating to the contest and its categories. For publishing in the annual Natural Landscape Photography Awards e-book or physical book, if chosen.
“Memorial María Luisa” International Mountain, Nature and Adventure Photography Contest

“Memorial María Luisa” International Mountain, Nature and Adventure Photography Contest

The Maria Luisa Memorial is calling, one more time, photographers and filmmakers, both amateurs and professionals, to the thirty first edition of their contest. We start a new decade and we do it with the same initial purpose of trying to meet new, innovative and suggestive images that allow us to continue with the promotion of the artistic work of the work of the contestants, at the same time as with the diffusion of the natural environment and its necessary protection.
Mountain, nature, wildlife, mountaineering, climbing, landscape, underwater world, biodiversity, flora, extreme and adventure sports, etc. will be the reference of the edition in this contest one more year, not only in the photography categories but in the section dedicated to videos, films and documentaries as well. In addition, on this occasion, a new thematic category dedicated exclusively to black and white photography.
Year after year photographers from all over the world take part in this contest, having done it already from more than 100 different countries. With the passing of the years the contest has become a meeting place not only for widely recognized international photographers, but also for undiscovered talent and new photographers.
With the rules, instructions and advice provided you will easily be able to prepare your photographs and/or videos to compete in a contest that lacks any commercial purpose, and in which, as usual, only you and your work will be the true protagonists.
One more year, one more decade, good luck to everyone and good light.
Closing date – December 1, 2020
Prize pool – ➢ The Overall Winner of the “XXXI Memorial Maria Luisa”, will be awarded a cash prize of 3.000 Euros, a Trophy, a Diploma, a book portfolio and two invitations to the awards gala. The Overall Winner will be chosen from the fourteen category winners; the Jury will give the Prize to the most memorable & shocking caption. The overall winner will receive a cash prize 3.000 Euros, including the amount corresponding to his/her category. ➢ Winner Prize of each Category: € 300, Trophy, Diploma, a book portfolio and two invitations to the awards gala. ➢ Young Photographers Prize: It will be awarded to the best photograph submitted by contestants not having reached the age of nineteen years on 1st December 2020. It will consist of a Samsung Tablet 4G, trophy, diploma, book portfolio and two invitations to the awards gala. ➢ Special award for the theme of the year: it will be a Citizen BN008 Watch, trophy, diploma, a book portfolio and two invitations to the awards gala. ➢ Award for best video, film, documentary of 31 MML. This prize will be endowed with a voucher worth 3000 euros*, which can be exchanged, directly and at the request of the winner, for products marketed by Foto Ruano, trophy, diploma, book portfolio and two invitations to the awards gala. The Judges Panel will also grant the consolation prizes or honorable mentions as it deems pertinent in each of the thematic categories.
Entry fee – All contestants will be able to submit a free first photograph to the contest; for the rest of the photos and videos, the participation fee for this year will be 22 Euros (VAT included) for adult photographers, a single payment will allow competing in all categories including videos and films; for the novice-under 19 photographers, participation is free.
Eligibility – All photographers and filmmakers, amateurs or professionals
Copyright policy – The authors of the photographs will retain all legal rights to the same for any future use.
Usage Rights policy – The Organization reserves the right to make copies of all award-winning photographs as may be required for exhibitions, projections or publications related exclusively to the activities of the present competition, without limits in time, geographic location or mediums, and always crediting the authorship of said photographs. The Organization of the competition will refuse any request that may be received from third parties with commercial interests, such as the concession, loan, exploitation, sale etc. of the personal details of participants and of the images submitted by them for the purposes of the competition. If we had knowledge of the existence of a claim to purchase an image or its rights, the organization would directly put in touch the author of the photograph with the person who showed interest, so that they can make a convenient deal.
World Photography Organisation – Open Competition

World Photography Organisation – Open Competition

The World Photography Organisation is a global platform for photography initiatives. Working across up to 180 countries, our aim is to raise the level of conversation around photography by celebrating the best imagery and photographers on the planet. We pride ourselves on building lasting relationships with both individual photographers as well as our industry-leading partners around the world.
The World Photography Organisation – Open Competition celebrates outstanding standalone images from across the world.
Judges are looking for photographs that are striking, well-crafted and of exceptional quality. Successful images will communicate a visual narrative through excellent technical and creative skills. The Open competition aims to uncover images that show the world around us and to give the opportunity to photographers whose work might otherwise never be seen.
Photographers of all abilities can enter multiple single images to the following categories: Architecture, Culture, Creative, Motion, Landscape, Lifestyle,  Natural World & Wildlife, Portraiture, Still Life, Object,  Street Photography, and Travel.
Closing date – January 7, 2021
Prize pool – Open Photographer of the Year receives $5,000 (USD), a range of Sony digital imaging equipment, flights and accommodation to the Awards ceremony in London and inclusion in Sony World Photography Awards Exhibition at Somerset House, London 10 category winners receive a range of Sony digital imaging equipment, publication in Sony World Photography Awards book and inclusion in the Sony World Photography Awards Exhibition at Somerset House, London Shortlisted photographers – works shown on digital screens at Sony World Photography Awards Exhibition at Somerset House, London
Entry fee – NONE
Eligibility – Photographers of all abilities can enter multiple single images to the following categories: Architecture, Culture, Creative, Motion, Landscape, Lifestyle, Natural World & Wildlife, Portraiture, Still Life, Object, Street Photography, and Travel
Copyright policy – The World Photography Organisation recognizes You, the author of the image, retain full ownership of the copyright in each Entry
Usage Rights policy – All Entrants understand that any image submitted to the competition may be used by the World Photography Organisation, and its Event Partners, for marketing and promotional purposes of You the author and the event only, for a maximum of three years after the Awards Ceremony in April 2021
MontPhoto Contest 2021

MontPhoto Contest 2021

The contest rewards the excellence of stills and videos. We are looking forward to see innovating and inspiring images and videos of original stories, unknown places, new perspectives of living beings, surprising behaviours or new interpretations of what is already known to us. We look for a glimpse that documents the diversity, beauty, mystery and fragility of life on our planet.
MontPhoto stands for respect towards Nature and that is why the work presented to this contest must truly show natural situations, respecting the authenticity of the scenery, conserving the living beings in their habitat and by all means avoiding their suffering and the disruption or interference with their behaviour.
Multiple categories of nature.
Closing date – April 30, 2021
Prize pool – MontPhoto biennial grant: 6.000€ and exhibition production. MontPhoto 2021 Honour Award to the best photograph of the contest: 2.000 Euros and diploma First prize for the best photograph in each category: 500 Euros and diploma Second prize for the best photograph in each category: 300 Euros and diploma 5 Honourable Mentions (Highly Commended) per category: Diploma First prize Nature from home category: 300 Euros and diploma 6 Honorary mentions in the Nature from home category: Diploma Special Award Girona’s region: 300 Euros and diploma Special Award Lloret de Mar: 300 Euros and diploma Olympus Special Award “Be free”: 300 Euros and diploma 3 awards for young participation (until the age of 14): A photographic experience with a partner company and diploma. Awards to the 3 best photographs (participants from 15 to 17): A photographic experience with a partner company and diploma. First prize portfolio: 1000 Euros and diploma 5 Honorary mentions: Diploma All awarded participants will receive a copy of the book ´Inspired by Nature 2021´ an invitation for the awards ceremony also with one free hotel night stay for two at Hotel Monterrey (breakfast included). If by any mean you are unable to attend the Festival in Lloret de Mar (Spain), you can appoint someone else to collect your prize on your name. Outside inland Spain, only cash awards will be sent. Participants under 18 -before contest deadline- can apply for any of the awards, including the special ones for under age participants. It is mandatory to present personal details of their legal tutors as the participants will be asked for supporting documents.
Entry fee – GENERAL: Registration fee costs 20€ (Pre registration deadline – 31st March) or 25 € (Deadline – 30th April)
Eligibility – Open to photographers and videographers will it be amateurs and professionals around the world. Registration for photographers under 18 years old is free in every case.
Selection process – Judged
Copyright policy – Copyright is retained by the entrant. Participants must declare they are the authors of each of their works and have all the rights over them. Pictures where a recognizable or identifiable person appears (categories in which the presence of persons is admitted), must have the express consent of the person in question and a Copyright Release Form be attached to the image. MontPhoto will not take any responsibility of any suits made to the author that can be a reason of disqualifying that photograph.
Usage Rights policy – Awarded and finalist works can be reproduced in books, catalogues, posters or any other printed or digital support, as well as distributing it to press and/or magazines writings for the promotion and broadcasting of MontPhoto, provided the author’s name is always mentioned. The authors will disinterestedly cede the reproduction rights to the organization of the contest for its edition. This cession has a nonexclusive character but can be extensive to any reedition. The organization will compensate the authors for the reproduced works with a copy of each published book. (International shipments not included) All personal data from the participants will be treated with the maximum confidentiality by the organization according to the organic Spanish law 15/1999 of data protection (LOPD).